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H Bar Press is a small publisher of quality books. We currently have five titles:

H Bar Press is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a satellite office in Wallingford, Vermont.

Six Sisters Presentation

You can now access a slide show presentation of the book The Six Sisters and Their Flying Carpets with a section on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Elements from this theary were built into the characters of this book and this presentation covers the different intelligences and relates them to the characters in the book.

Visit hbarpress.com/sixsisters for a presentation with pictures only, with all the words, or with an accompanying audio track. You can also download the entire presentation for offline viewing.

Molly Rides Released

Molly RidesH Bar Press is proud to announce the release of Molly Rides, by Adam B. Ford.

Molly is a skier who spends her days skiing everything that the mountain can throw at her with love and joy. One day, her ski breaks and while she's waiting for a repair, she decides to learn to snowboard. At first it is difficult, but with time and determination, she masters her new skill. She now spends her days on a snowboard, once again riding anything on the mountain. In the end she realizes that although she loves her new sport, she still loves skiing too and is happy to be out on the snow with either skis or a snowboard under her feet.

Molly Rides is available now in hardcover and Kindle formats.




Six Sisters Book Trailer

Video Book Trailer for The Six Sisters and Their Flying Carpets has been released!


Jam-Bo Video Trailer

Check out the video trailer for Jam-Bo, Litta-Girl, and the Bullies!